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Redox is a modern API for healthcare interoperability that makes it easy for health tech innovators to build applications for healthcare providers. Most importantly, Redox aims to take the complexity out of healthcare integration by offering a secure platform that provides a modern, standardized API that can be used to communicate with a vast array of EHRs, medical devices, applications, and other healthcare data systems, regardless of those system’s connectivity requirements.

Once you’ve integrated to the Redox API, you’ll be able to use the same code to send or request data from any system connected to Redox, allowing for a simple and complete integration strategy for your application or service

In particular, the Redox platform offers:

  • The Redox API: a single, consistent, modern API to access patient data at your healthcare partners, regardless of the data format, connectivity requirements, or communication methods of the originating system
  • A Dashboard to configure, troubleshoot, and understand the health of all your integrations
  • A network of healthcare data systems and sources to connect to

Redox Platform Documentation

This documentation is meant to explain and describe how the Redox platform works, including:

  • Getting Started – get up and running as quickly as possible by sending and viewing test requests
  • Core Concepts – learn the fundamentals of how Redox works and how to navigate the Dashboard
  • Redox JSON API – familiarize yourself with our API and how to connect your application to Redox – additional tools and features to manage your integrations
  • Custom Configuration & Automation – additional tools and features to manage your integration

Additional Resources

In addition to the above, we have separate documentation that details what to expect for new implementations and around other product offerings: