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Credential Management

As part of your connection management, the Redox dashboard is where any required credentials for your connections will be set up and maintained. The Redox team will configure the necessary credentials to authenticate with your connection partners, regardless of whether the required authentication strategies are standards-based or vendor specific.

Why are credentials needed?

In the context of Redox, the credentials set up and maintained within your Redox dashboard are mostly leveraged┬áto authenticate with EHRs, but it is also possible that an application’s destination may be housed on a platform with its own credentials and authentication requirements.

Where are my connection credentials in my Redox dashboard?

If either your own system’s destination or your connection partners’ destinations require credentials, they will be visible in the Credentials tab of your dashboard.

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Authentication Strategies

Redox supports a wide range of authentication strategies, including OAuth, SAML, SFTP, vendor APIs, and other certificate-based exchanges.


The Redox team will be in charge of determining the authentication type and the specific setup of any required credentials for your connection. For some connections, such as those leveraging vendor APIs, we may need to obtain login credentials from your team for the purposes of this setup.