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Getting Started

Create a Destination

Working with Redox’s EHR Integration API starts with setup of your connections in the Redox Dashboard.

In order for your application to receive messages, you need to establish a URL to which Redox can POST. We call this a Destination record. Destinations are used in integrations where information is pushed to you from a healthcare data source based on an action in their system.

Configuring Your Destination

A Destination is how you receive data from your integrated partners through Redox.

There are 7 steps to configuring a Destination:

  1. When logged into your organization on Redox, select Destinations from the side nav.
    • Create a Destination for your Organization.
  2. Name your Destination.
    • This is the name your data sharing partners will see when you have live integrations, so err on the side of being specific.
    • After entering a name, you will be directed to your Destination’s Settings page.
  3. Select the appropriate “Environment Type”.
    • If you’re just getting started, your only option will be “Development”.
    • If you are working with us, you will be able to select “Staging” or “Production”. In order to create a Staging or Production Destination contact: [email protected] 
  4. Select appropriate Data Format.
    • This is the format in which your destination will receive data. For our digital health application partners, this will almost always be JSON.
  5. Establish your Endpoint.
    • This is the URL that you expose for Redox to POST to.
    • Refer to the following pages for more detail on how to set up your Destination endpoint.
  6. Set a Verification Token.
    • We will send this in the ‘verification-token’ field of the HTTP request header in every request Redox makes to your endpoint.
    • This is how you can ensure the communication is coming from Redox.
  7. Click Verify and Save.
    • This will send a special POST request to your endpoint to verify you are listening. See the following pages for more detail on this special POST message.
    • You will receive a “Success!” response when things are set up properly.