Create a Destination

In order for your application to receive messages, you need to establish a URL to which Redox can POST. We call this a Destination record.

Configuring Your Destination

A Destination is how you receive data from your integrated partners through Redox.

There are 7 steps to configuring a Destination:

  1. When logged into your organization on Redox, select Destinations from the side nav.
    1. Create a Destination for your Organization.
  2. Name your Destination.
    1. This is the name your data sharing partners will see when you have live integrations, so err on the side of being specific.
    2. After entering a name, you will be directed to your Destination’s Settings page.
  3. Select the appropriate “Environment Type”.
    1. If you’re just getting started, your only option will be “Development”.
    2. If you are working with us, you will be able to select “Staging” or “Production”. In order to create a Staging or Production Destination contact: 
  4. Select appropriate Data Format.
    1. This is the format in which your destination will receive data. For our digital health application partners, this will almost always be JSON.
  5. Establish your Endpoint.
    1. This is the URL that you expose for Redox to POST to.
    2. Refer to the following pages for more detail on how to set up your Destination endpoint.
  6. Set a Verification Token.
    1. We will send this in the ‘verification-token’ field of the HTTP request header in every request Redox makes to your endpoint.
    2. This is how you can ensure the communication is coming from Redox.
  7. Click Verify and Save.
    1. This will send a special POST request to your endpoint to verify you are listening. See the following pages for more detail on this special POST message.
    2. You will receive a “Success!” response when things are setup properly.