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Redox Product Feedback


As part of going live on the Redox platform, you will be invited to the Redox feedback portal where you can submit product feedback and suggestions. All previously submitted customer feedback will be visible so you can add yourself as a supporter to existing suggestions by clicking the Vote button as well as leave public comments by clicking the comments link. If you don’t see a suggestion you’d like to make already listed, add your feedback title and description at the top of the portal under “I suggest you…” and post it. Once you post it, our team will see it and other visiting users can upvote it your suggestion.

The Redox product team takes customer feedback seriously. In order to make sure we understand your need, we may comment on your suggestion with clarifying questions. We may also identify your suggestion as a duplicate and will let you know if we are merging it with an existing suggestion.

As we prioritize projects for our product roadmap, we will both comment on suggestions and email the individual supporters with updates on the development timelines and details so you can easily track which of your suggestions we are actively working on and when a particular feature may be available.

Sign Up

During your first Redox implementation, you’ll receive an email notifying you that you’ve been invited to our portal at Follow the link therein to claim the invitation and create your profile. You may also be prompted to confirm your email address. Once you have successfully claimed your invitation and logged in, you will see existing product suggestions and can start leaving your own.

What’s Next

Our portal is currently private and invite only but we have plans to extend access to all Redox users by the end of this year. Our goal is for this platform to help us keep a pulse on what our customers want and need as our engine and products evolve; we can’t do that without your feedback so let us know what you think!