In order to respond to requests coming from Redox (two-way), you should first set up your endpoint configuration as described in Processing Requests.

For synchronous, two-way traffic, Redox will send a request to your system and expects a response to be returned containing the results of the request. This response will be returned to the initial requester in the format indicated in REQUEST.

Expected Response

Along with the response body, we recommend sending back standard HTTP codes with a descriptive error message on failure modes. Specifically:


Redox will treat any 200 level request as a successful request and will return the information in the payload body to the original requester.

Response bodies are listed as -Response event types in our documentation. More details on this here: Data Exchange via Redox


Redox will treat any status code >=400 as a failed request and communicate failure information back to the original requester in the response and via the Dashboard.

Additionally, all requests must complete within 120 seconds from the time of the original initiating request (including Redox and external system processing time). As such, long running requests may not be returned successfully to the original requester.