In order to send data via Redox (one-way), you should first set up an API Key configuration as described in Initiating Requests and initiate your requests as described there.

A single SEND request can be sent to any number of downstream destination systems.

Response Handling

Responses returned for one-way workflows, when the initiating system is not expecting a response from a destination system, reflect whether or not Redox was able to accept the request.

βœ… Successful Request

A successful request will return a 200 HTTP status code indicating successful receipt:

200SuccessData was successfully received by Redox
(note: this does not indicate successful processing or delivery)

Further, the response body will contain additional reference information about the request:

Meta.Logs[].IDThis value can be used to look up a Log entry in the dashboard via Logs Search.

There will be a Log object and ID for each entry supplied in Meta.Destinations[]of your original request
Monitoring Delivery Success

For asynchronous, one-way requests, the response you receive from the Redox API is not sufficient to determine whether or not the data sent successfully reached it’s intended destination(s).

The Logs page of the Redox Dashboard includes status indicators that can be used to determine successful delivery after a request has been accepted by Redox.

This information can also be exported programmatically via the Platform API for external monitoring.

πŸ”΄ Unsuccessful Request

An unsuccessful request indicates that Redox was unable to accept a request for processing due to an issue with the request or within Redox.

You should expect to receive the following HTTP status codes in response:

400Bad RequestRequest is formatted incorrectly or is missing required information.
Authentication failed. Refresh or regenerate your access token and try again (see Initiating Requests for info on how to do so).
413Payload Too LargePayload sent exceeds the payload size limit of 10mb.
If sending files, see Transferring Files for alternatives.
500Internal Server ErrorAn unknown error occurred within Redox.
500Bad GatewayThe request was dropped within Redox. This can sometimes occur during brief periods when internal updates are being applied.
504Gateway TimeoutThe request took too long to complete. Redox API requests timeout after 120 seconds.

For 5XX level errors, your system should retry the failed request. If these errors persist, please reach out to Redox support.

Further, the response body will contain a Meta.Errors[] array. Each item in the array is an error object that contains, at minimum, a Text field that provides error message details.

   "Meta": {
     "Errors": [
         "Text": "Required field missing - Device.ID in Device:New"

Transferring Files

When sending a file, there are a few options to do so based on file size.

For more information, see Transferring Files