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Understanding the Redox Research Data Model

When do I need to use the Research Data Model?

The Research Data Model is primarily concerned with connecting EHRs with Clinical Trial Management Systems (CTMS). Clinical trials are defined in the CTMS, and then synced to EHR, via a push from the CTMS. Additionally, either system may enroll patients in the trial and share that information with the other system.

This data model could be useful to other vendors that are interested in patient study status, possibly for prioritization of work, such as labs, imaging vendors, etc. It would also be useful for applications that want to maintain the list of active studies at an organization.

When and where can the Research Data Model be supported?

You’ll find the Research model is used most commonly when connecting to academic healthcare organizations or other HCOs with robust interfacing capabilities and strong research programs.  Typically EHRs and CTMSes will make Research data available via HL7v3-based messages defined in IHE’s Protocol for Execution profile  and Research Process content.

What other data models is the Research similar to?

Research.Study is a master data notification message, in that it keeps a list of static data synchronized across systems. In this way, it is similar in function to other master data notification events, like Provider events or Inventory.Update.