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What is a Subscription?

Before two organizations can exchange data over Redox they need to agree upon and sign off on exactly what information is authorized for exchange. Redox will then set up a Subscription between the organizations that allows them to send, receive, or query authorized data using specific Redox Data Models. A Subscription in Redox is the pairing of a Source and Destination and is unique by Data Model. You can view all Subscriptions in the dashboard.

Wait—what are all of these Subscriptions in my Dashboard?

When you set up your organization on Redox you will see that you already have a good number of Subscriptions. These are Subscriptions set up for connecting your organization’s example Source “Redox API Endpoint” to Redox’s example Destination “Redox EMR” by all data models available. This allows you to use our Dev Tools to test sending and querying information over Redox.

The other group of Subscriptions that you will see is from Redox’s example Source “Redox Dev Tools” connecting to your organization’s example Destination “Redox API Endpoint”. These subscriptions allow you to use our Dev Tools to test receiving information over Redox.

As you work with us to share information with other members of the Redox network we will add new Subscriptions to your organization based on the specific information you need to exchange and workflows you need to support. When you are live this Subscriptions table will help you clearly see what information you are sending to other organizations and what information you are receiving from other organizations.

Quick note: Subscriptions can only be established between Sources and Destinations of equivalent Environment Type. Ie. a Production Source can only have a Subscription with a Production Destination.

In order to connect with another organization, you must create a source or destination with a type of staging or production. You cannot connect a development source or destination to another health system/organization.