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Sources and Destinations

On the Redox network, you can be a Destination, a Source, or both – it all depends on whether you’re are consuming or sending data, or both.


Sources initiate data pushes and requests. If you want to send data, or if you want to request data (query), you will need to set up a Source in Redox. As a Source, you decide which Destinations are authorized to receive your data.

Sources authenticate to the Redox API and make HTTP requests. To authenticate you will retrieve a unique API key. Learn how to set up a Source and authenticate with Redox here.


Destinations are points where data is received and/or stored. If you are receiving data, you will need to setup a Destination in Redox. For most applications, this will be a WebHook URL endpoint. Learn how to set up a Destination here.

In most scenarios, you will want to establish a Source record and a Destination record on Redox. This will enable you to Send, Receive, and Query authorized data from any other member of the Redox network.

Source & Destination Environment Types

When setting up a Source or Destination on Redox you must choose an environment type. The environment type dictates the kinds of information you can exchange across the Redox network.

In general, you will always start with a “Development” Source and Destination. This is what you will use to build and test your application. When you are ready to start sharing data with another member of the Redox network you will build a Staging Source and Destination that will be used for testing and configuration purposes. Finally, after the integration has been tested in Staging, you will create a Production Source and Destination that will be used to exchange production level data with partners across the Redox network.

Destination Environment Types and Descriptions


Source Environment Types and Descriptions


In order to build Staging/Production Sources and Destinations, you need to contact the Redox team. We will upgrade your account allowing you to do so. Simply contact [email protected] to get going.

A little more information on Redox account levels.