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Redox Beta Product Support

Redox Beta products allow you to take advantage of our latest technology and help shape it’s direction. However, the Beta designation means that these products are still being evolved by our development teams based on usage and feedback from our customers. This evolution during Beta periods helps us ensure we make our products as impactful as possible for our customers. There are, however, some caveats in support for our Beta products to be aware of.

  • Service Uptime and Stability – Although we make a best effort to maintain uptime for products released in Beta, we cannot guarantee our production SLAs for Beta products. Products released in Beta may experience more issues than a product released in General Availability.
  • Support – Products released in Beta do not share a Support policy with those released in General Availability and may be subject to different channels for support such as Slack groups or email threads with our product team. As a result, responses may take longer.
  • Product Updates and Changes – Products in Beta are subject to more frequent and possibly disruptive change than those in General Availability. While uncommon, we may make breaking changes to Beta products. We will communicate known breaking changes to Beta users.
  • Release Period – We do not have a set time limit for Beta periods. Products may stay in Beta for long periods or indefinitely depending on customer feedback and demand. On rare occasions, we may deprecate Beta products. In deprecation situations, we will give Beta users at least 60 days notice before removing products.

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