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Redox Alerting and Notifications

Redox is a full-service platform and all monitoring and resolution of connectivity issues is owned by the Redox support team. All levels of the Redox stack are continuously monitored. We use Pagerduty, along with backup services, to instantly notify our engineers.

VPN Management at Scale

Redox fully manages all aspects of VPNs, and it’s an area where one can realize economies of scale. A key part of doing healthcare integration involves using VPNs to secure traffic, especially when using MLLP. We apply CI/CD and testing practices to new VPN connections. Our monitoring stack can automatically recycle VPNs, both if the connection itself is down, or if any other part of the Redox pipeline detects an issue. In many cases, a ping to the health system will succeed, but message traffic will not be flowing. We are able to use this variance in message traffic to start the escalation process.

Transmission Errors

Retry Logic

When any destination initially returns an error on a received transmission, Redox will first retry the transmission a number of times before throwing an alert. This prevents unnecessary notifications for intermittent internet issues.

When things really go wrong, we utilize a circuit breaker pattern, where we gradually back off the retries. The idea is that if your endpoint is down, it could very well be Redox causing it. When the situation returns to normal, the on-call engineer and your support team are automatically notified.


Additionally, Redox will leverage queuing infrastructure to pause additional messages of the same type within the engine such that once the error is resolved, subsequent messages can be sent in the order that they were received and processed.

Contacting Redox Support

Check out our post for more information on how to get a hold of the Redox support team if you need assistance.