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Transaction logs are incredibly helpful from development testing to troubleshooting production errors. Logs allow you to view all Transmissions or Messages in one place. Logs are displayed in the views Messages, Transmissions, and Errors from your organization’s dashboard. You can also view specific logs by Source or Destination by selecting them first and then navigating to the desired log view (Messages, Transmissions, or Errors).

Logs by default are sorted by timestamp with the newest Message or Transmission on top. When you first create an organization your logs will be empty.  As soon as you start using Dev Tools (Source > Dev Tools or Destination > Dev Tools) you will see those test Transmissions and Messages start to populate the Logs.  Logs can get long as you develop and launch with Redox.  The use of drop-down filters at the top of the Logs can aid in this process, allowing you to find Messages by Data Models, Event types, Filtered, Errors, Resubmissions, and Source.

Resubmit a Transaction

While testing your integration on Redox with your development environment or even with a health system, it can be useful to resubmit a transaction that was already sent.

Caution: Resubmitting a transaction may break the first-in-first-out (FIFO) order of transactions to the destination. Be sure to coordinate with Redox support before proceeding if you are unsure of the impact this action will have on your integration.

To resubmit a transaction, start by logging into the Redox dashboard and open the transaction you’d like to resubmit within your organization’s Source or Destination.

If you are viewing a Message, you will need to select an associated Transmission first:

You can resubmit a transmission directly from the dashboard using the Resubmit button as seen below:

Once you have successfully resubmitted a Transmission, a link to the new Transmission will appear directly below the Resubmit button. When you view this Transmission in the future, you can find all Resubmissions in the window: