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Logs are incredibly helpful from development testing to troubleshooting production errors. Logs allow you to view all Transmissions or Messages in one place. Logs are displayed in the views Messages, Transmissions, and Errors from your organization’s dashboard. You can also view specific logs by Source or Destination by selecting them first and then navigating to the desired log view (Messages, Transmissions, or Errors).

Logs by default are sorted by timestamp with the newest Message or Transmission on top. When you first create an organization your logs will be empty.  As soon as you start using Dev Tools (Source > Dev Tools or Destination > Dev Tools) you will see those test Transmissions and Messages start to populate the Logs.  Logs can get long as you develop and launch with Redox.  The use of drop-down filters at the top of the Logs can aid in this process, allowing you to find Messages by Data Models, Event types, Filtered, Errors, Resubmissions, and Source.