Getting Started > Using the Redox API with Postman
Getting Started

Using the Redox API with Postman

Step 1: Install Postman

Postman is our favorite tool for testing our APIs. It can generate code samples for a large number of languages, so you can be up and running in seconds. We provide a collection of API samples that you can load into Postman.

Get Postman from the official site

Step 2: Download your custom Postman Collection and Environment

Each source you create in Redox will have a section labeled Dev Tools where you can put together quick cURL snippets or download a postman Collection and Environment file specific to the source.

Make sure you download both files.

Step 3: Import the collection into Postman

Use the import button pictured here to load the file you downloaded in Step 2. You will see a new collection on the “Collections” tab.

We sorted our requests into three folders: Authorization, POST Data Models, and Queries.

Step 4: Import the Environment file

Locate the environment dropdown (top right), click the gear and choose manage environments.

postman import environment view

The manage environment popup will appear. Click Import from the options in the bottom and open your environment file.

postman collection import view

Step 4: Enter your secret in Postman

After you have imported the environment, you should be able to edit the variables.

postman variable edit popup view

Locate the secret variable and set it to your source secret.

Step 5: Connect!

In the Authorization folder, you will find the Initial Login request. Run the login request and it should set your access token automatically.

From here, you can test out any of our data models.

For all the visual learners out there, here is a quick video showing how to use Postman with Redox.