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Getting Started

Receive a Transmission with Dev Tools

Now that you have configured a Destination on Redox, you are able to receive test messages using our Dev Tools. The Redox Dev Tools will send an example message showing what data will look like when received from a Source. When logged into Redox, go to the Destination you wish to receive a test message and select Dev Tools from the Left Nav. Follow these steps to receive your first test message:

  1. Select a Data Model (learn more about all of the available data models and what information they include here.)
  2. Select an Event Type. Available options are determined by the data model you select.
  3. Select sample message entities from the available dropdowns (available options depend on data model).
  4. Hit “Send Data Model”!

If everything has been set up properly, you will receive a 200 Response. If you run into an error and can’t resolve the issue, get in touch with us: [email protected] or on our Slack channel.

Important note: Sample transmissions received using our Dev Tools are just that—samples. While the structure and syntax will remain consistent, the content of messages from Health Systems will vary. Please make sure to engage with a member of the Redox Solutions team when you have a partner you are preparing to integrate with.

For all of the visual learners out there, here is a quick video showing how to use R^DevTools to send data to your application.