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Getting Started

Create a Source

In order to send data to another member of the Redox network, you will need to acquire an API Key and authenticate with us. We call this a Source record and it allows you to not only POST data to partners but also use our query-based data models and events (ClinicalSummary, PatientSearch, Scheduling.Booked).

Configuring Your Source

There are 6 steps to configuring your Source:

  1. When logged into your organization on Redox, select Sources from the side nav.
    • Create a Source for your organization.
  2. Name your Source.
    • This is the name your data sharing partners will see, so err on the side of being specific.
  3. Select the appropriate “Environment Type”.
    • If you’re just getting started, your only option will be “Development”.
      • If you are working with us, you will be able to select “Staging” or “Production”. In order to create a Staging or Production Source contact: [email protected].
      • After clicking “Create”, you will then be directed to your Source’s Settings page.
  4. Select your Data Format.
    • This is the format your data is in when you send it to Redox.
    • For almost all of our digital health applications partners, this will always be JSON.
  5. After selecting Data Format and Communication Method, you will be provided an API Key to be used when authenticating with Redox.
    • See the following pages for detailed instructions on completing authentication.
  6. Set your Source Secret.
    • This is what you will pass in the body of the POST to the Redox Authentication API.
    • We assign you a random Secret for authentication purposes.
    • You can re-generate the Source Secret at any time.

All traffic to Redox’s HTTPS API must be sent over TLS 1.2. Traffic that is not sent over TLS 1.2 will not be accepted by the Redox API endpoint.