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Community Created Tools

Developers using our API often create open source, standard mappings and other tools built to complement our platform. The Redox team does not formally vet these packages, but we do want to call attention to these and keep a compiled list here that you can reference and potentially use. We will maintain this list as new tools are developed. If you or your team are creating a package like those below that you’d like to share, please don’t hesitate to reach out and let us know.

Note: We will always give credit to the author.

Sample .Net App – Chris Hennen

PHP – Woody Gilk

Java Scala – Aaron Patzer


Redox on Cloudmine – Ben Moser

.Net Class library converter –¬†Trent Torkelson

Redox Express Middleware (Node.js)Ingenious Agency

Redox Sample Destination (Node.js)Ingenious Agency

General Tutorial Video (using Node.js) РTom Jessessky