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The PatientSearch data model is one of the main methods for locating a patient based on incomplete identifying information. You can search for a patient in two different ways: a) By identifier: You can search with an identifier like the patient's MRN. If successful, the search returns a full set of patient demographics. If not, the search returns an empty set; b) By demographics: If you don't have a patient identifier, you can search with a patient's demographics like name, birthdate, gender, or SSN. We recommend using as much demographic information as possible; otherwise, you may find other patients with the same basic demographic information. Your search may return one, many, or no matches.

With the PatientSearch data model, you can only search for a patient at one organization at a time. If you want to search for a patient at multiple organizations, you can use our record locator service.

Note that If you're using PDQ or XCPD, many healthcare organizations don't support a patient's SSN. This is something that likely varies by site that we recommend you talk through with your connection.

The PatientSearch data model has event types that are enabled for data on demand. Learn more about data on demand.