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The PatientAdmin data model is the most popular amongst our customers; as a fun fact, over 90% of Redox implementations use it in some form! This data model relies on an admission, discharge, and transfer (ADT) feed from a healthcare organization, and it’s the primary method for you to stay up-to-date with the patient’s documented demographics, insurance information, and the EHR system's patient identifier (usually a medical record number, or MRN). If you persist patient data at all in your application, we recommend that you use this data model.

PatientAdmin is a webhook-based feed that communicates changes to patient information, usually through a push notification generated from an ADT HL7v2 interface. If you want to query for patient updates, you should use PatientSearch instead.

PatientAdmin data can vary, but there are two main categories of data included: a) Patient-level: Information about the patient that persists over time (e.g., name, address, gender, DOB, email address, primary care provider) that isn't tied to a particular encounter; b) Visit-level: Information pertaining to the patient's visit (e.g., the current location within the hospital, referring provider, admitting provider, care team, or discharge date/time).