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The Medications data model allows real-time notification of new prescriptions and modifications or cancellations to existing ones, as well as medication administrations.

Keep in mind that medication data tends to vary quite a bit across healthcare organizations. We do what we can to normalize these differences for you, but you may see that one healthcare organization provides more or less details than another. We recommend being flexible with these differences and doing extensive testing during implementation to verify that you don't have any issues with the varying levels of medication data.

We don't currently support these event types: a) Dispense: Triggered as medication is dispensed or prescriptions are filled; b) Statement: Triggered when patients self-report medications they take; c) Renewal: Triggered when a patient requests a fill of a prescription. If you have use cases for these event types, talk to your Redox rep.

If you're looking for a list of a patient's current medications, check out the ClinicalSummary data model.