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The Inventory data model is used to track surgical supplies (e.g., scalpels, bandages) between systems.

The Update event type is an administrative message that synchronizes item types, counts, locations, and prices across systems. Generally this data comes from the Enterprise Resource Planner (ERP) into the EHR system, including the types of items stocked and the specific locations in the hospital they might be found.

The Deplete event type documents the usage of supply (e.g., during a surgical procedure) from the EHR system to the ERP. Deplete contains an optional Patient object for use in charging, or it can be used without the Patient object to inform another system that supplies need to be reordered.

The Inventory data model is most commonly used when connecting to inpatient EHR systems with robust interfacing capabilities and surgical specialty modules. Supplies are also often used in areas that function similarly to surgery (e.g., invasive cardiology, angiography). Typically ERP systems make Update data available via an HL7v2 MFN format or proprietary API. Deplete data is most commonly made available via an HL7v2 OMS or DFT format or proprietary API.

The Inventory data model is similar to the Financial data model in that they both contain administrative details with financial impact. But Inventory focuses specifically on item usage and costs while Financial focuses on patient charges, which can include inventory-related charges.