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To query Redox for data, such as in a PatientSearch or ClinicalSummary – PatientQuery, you should POST to and include the parameters identifying the patient in the body of the request, as indicated in the data model documentation. You can see a sample request below or generate a sample request in the dashboard by navigating to your Source and selecting Dev Tools.

We use POST so that Protected Health Information, such as the patient’s MRN, is transmitted in the body of the request, which is SSL encrypted. With GET requests, query parameters and resource identifiers must go in the URL, which could be logged in plain text in network and server logs before the request gets to Redox.

Example ClinicalSummary – PatientQuery Request
This request will return a ClinicalSummary – PatientQueryResponse.

curl \
-H "Content-Type: application/json" \
-H "Authorization: Bearer " \
-d '{
	"Meta": {
		"DataModel": "Clinical Summary",
		"EventType": "PatientQuery",
		"EventDateTime": "2017-06-29T17:23:36.221Z",
		"Test": true,
		"Destinations": [
				"ID": "ef9e7448-7f65-4432-aa96-059647e9b357",
				"Name": "Patient Query Endpoint"
	"Patient": {
		"Identifiers": [
				"ID": "0000000002",
				"IDType": "MR"
				"ID": "81ac9647-3a07-46b7-85b4-c5d09099fb3b",
				"IDType": "EHRID"
				"ID": "ffc486eff2b04b8^^^&",
				"IDType": "NIST"

The queries specified in the Redox API Docs can be used with Redox’s Data on Demand feature and when the healthcare data source supports queries, such as EHR vendor APIs.