Sources, Destinations, & Subscriptions

Sources, Destinations, and Subscriptions together represent how data can be transferred via the Redox Platform.

Sources & Destinations

Sources and Destinations represent specific data system configurations that detail how an application or EHR system connects to Redox.

The terms “source” and “destination” are relative to Redox for a given request. Specifically:

  • a source is a data system that initiates a request to another system via Redox
  • a destination is a data system that receives or responds to this request

As such, your application may be represented by either a source configuration, a destination configuration, or both within Redox, depending on your workflow.


Source and destination configurations can be associated with one of three environments:

DevelopmentUsed for local testing and developer tools
StagingUsed for connecting to a stage sandbox environment for a specific integration
ProductionUsed for all live connections with real PHI

Data sent or received via Redox should transferred between a source and destination pair within the same environment.


Finally, Subscriptions are routing rules that allow for data transfer to occur. Specifically, each subscription indicates a Data Model that can be transferred between a source and a destination.

Any number of subscriptions can be set up for a given source or destination. As such, subscriptions can be configured so that a single source request can be routed to any number of destinations.

New subscriptions must be created and configured by a Redox admin.

Default Development Setup

By default, all new organizations created within the Redox Dashboard contain a source and destination configuration within the “Development” environment:

  • Redox API Endpoint (source) allows you to generate and send test Redox API data payloads to a mock EMR belonging to the “Redox Health System”

  • Redox API Endpoint (destination) allows you to generate and send test Redox API data payloads from the Dashboard to an endpoint of your choice.

To facilitate these test requests, default subscriptions are set up for all data models automatically for each of each of these configurations.

Information on available Dev Tools in the Dashboard are documented here: Getting Started