Connections & Data Flow

You can integrate your system or application with Redox via the Developer page within the Redox dashboard. You can use this page to set up configurations that allow you to SEND, RECEIVE, REQUEST, or RESPOND to requests from Redox, such as by creating an API Key or Endpoint.

Most often, you can create a single configuration for each action, such as creating a Redox API Key to SEND or REQUEST data via Redox. Then, you can use the same configuration to perform that action to exchange data with any number of other organizations who are also integrated with Redox.


A connection is an organization that you can exchange data with via Redox. A single connection may involve one or more technical integrations that allow for connectivity between your application or system and those of the organization you are connected with.

Data Flows

You configure each connection to allow a set of data flows that dictate what data can be exchanged. More specifically, a data flow refers to what configuration can be utilized to SEND, RECEIVE, REQUEST, or RESPOND to a given Redox data model for that connection.

In addition to describing what types of data can be exchanged for a given connection, you can also use the data flow visualization to determine IDs necessary when making a request via the Redox API, such as for Meta.Destinations[].

See Initiating Requests for more details.