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Questions and answers for different Redox Data Models

Does Redox Support FHIR?

In short, yes! We are plugged into Project Argonaut and pay very close attention to the development of FHIR standards. We are fully prepared to support FHIR integration. We are finding that the implementation of FHIR (and the ability to support it)

Does Redox Work Outside of the United States?

Redox utilizes AWS hosting services that are distributed across the United States. While there are no technical issues with supporting international integrations, laws around hosting can complicate things. Specifically, most European countries (Canada as well) require the service be hosted in that

Do you integrate with “X”?

Our platform is vendor agnostic meaning we focus more on how the EHR system sends data and care less about which vendor it is. Generally speaking, we can support any format coming out of the EHR such as HL7, vendor APIs, web

Can I schedule a demo?

We have a pre-recorded demo that you can watch at your convenience using this link. Alternatively, you can check out our Crowdcast for any up-coming intro webinars.

Can I delete a source or destination?

We don’t currently support deleting sources or destinations to ensure a source or destination in use does not get erroneously deleted. We recommend you rename the source or destination as z or zArchive so it will sort at the bottom and you

What fields do we normalize?

In alphabetical order: Any Yes/No field Any CodeSystemName or CodeSet field Header.Patient.Demographics.Religion Media.Authenticated Media.Availability Media.DocumentType Meta.DataModel Meta.EventType Note.ContentType Note.Status Orders[].Priority Orders[].Results[].AbnormalFlag Orders[].Results[].Status Orders[].ResultsStatus Orders[].Status Patient.Contacts[].RelationToPatient Patient.Demographics.Address.Country Patient.Demographics.IsHispanic Patient.Demographics.Language Patient.Demographics.MaritalStatus Patient.Demographics.Race Patient.Demographics.Sex Patient.Diagnoses[].Type Patient.Insurances[].AgreementType Patient.Insurances[].CoverageType PlanOfCare.Procedures[].Status Procedures[].Codeset Procedures.Observations[].Status Procedures.Procedures[].Status Results[].CodeSystemName Transactions[].Type Referral.Category Referral.Priority