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Questions and answers for different Redox Data Models

Understanding the Redox SurgicalScheduling Data Model

When do I need to use the SurgicalScheduling Data /model? The SurgicalScheduling Data Model is used to receive surgical case information, such as staff assigned to the surgery, case and procedure details, location, etc.  This may come from an OR specific system or

Understanding the Redox Scheduling Data Model

When do I need to use the Scheduling Data Model? Applications use the Scheduling Data Model to communicate information surrounding a patient’s appointments. At certain events in the normal scheduling process (scheduling, rescheduling, arrival/check-in, check-out), EHRs will send scheduling messages to keep

Understanding the Redox PatientAdmin Data Model

When do I need to use the PatientAdmin Data Model? The PatientAdmin Data Model is the most common feed used across Redox customers and is something we would recommend you require if you persist patient data in your application. Over 90% of our

Redox SSO – Under The Hood

The Redox Single Sign-on data model abstracts away vendor SSO authentication strategies, such as the SAML Web Browser Profile and SMART on FHIR (beta). How Redox Sits in between you and SSO All single sign-on schemes hinge on validating that a user is who

Understanding the Redox ClinicalSummary Data Model

When do I need to use the ClinicalSummary data model? If your application is looking to receive a patient’s clinical information, either historical or in real time, then our ClinicalSummary data model is for you. This model is based on documents that