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Redox Beta Product Support

Redox Beta products allow you to take advantage of our latest technology and help shape it’s direction. However, the Beta designation means that these products are still being evolved by our development teams based on usage and feedback from our customers. This

Data on Demand: The Data You Want, When You Want It

One common issue we hear across our customers is that they are spending an immense amount of engineering time on infrastructure support to be able to ingest, store, maintain, and recall data they’ve received during the right points in their workflow –

Full Text Search

Intro Full text search is a tool that can be used to search for Messages or Transmissions that are associated with your organization. This feature is located under the ‘Full Text Search’ heading on the left hand menu. Only organization users with

Reliability of Fields

Redox connects to dozens of different of healthcare products. We use HL7 standards, vendor APIs, and even less formatted data like CSV to bring data onto the Redox network. Not all data is created equally. To help set expectations we came up

Credential Management

As part of your connection management, the Redox dashboard is where any required credentials for your connections will be set up and maintained. The Redox team will configure the necessary credentials to authenticate with your connection partners, regardless of whether the required

Redox Alerting and Notifications

Redox is a full-service platform and all monitoring and resolution of connectivity issues is owned by the Redox support team. All levels of the Redox stack are continuously monitored. We use Pagerduty, along with backup services, to instantly notify our engineers. VPN

Security Overview

Keeping data secure is the highest priority at Redox. Here’s how we keep patient data safe through every step of integration. Securing the Engine Redox utilizes industry standard, HIPAA-compliant, and National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) recommended encryption standards to protect


Transaction logs are incredibly helpful from development testing to troubleshooting production errors. Logs allow you to view all Transmissions or Messages in one place. Logs are displayed in the views Messages, Transmissions, and Errors from your organization’s dashboard. You can also view


What is a Subscription? Before two organizations can exchange data over Redox they need to agree upon and sign off on exactly what information is authorized for exchange. Redox will then set up a Subscription between the organizations that allows them to

Messages & Transmissions

Messages are sent from your Source to an authorized Destination. Transmissions are received by your Destination from an authorized Source. For all intents and purposes: Messages are what you send to other members of the Redox Network. Transmissions are what receive from other members of