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Quickstart Videos

We are working to create a valuable collection of quickstart videos that will make getting up to speed with Redox a breeze. Follow this link to view this collection and start learning!

Authenticate a Source

Authenticating with Redox In order to send data from your Source to a Destination, you must first authenticate with Redox. Within your Source Settings, you will have both an API Key and a Source Secret. You were assigned the Source Secret when

Setting Up Your Destination Endpoint

Setting Up Your Destination Endpoint First, you’ll need to prepare the URL in your application that will act as your Destination Endpoint. This URL will need to be accessible by Redox’s servers and be able to receive both the POST data that

Handling Destination Verification Requests

Handling Destination Verification Requests When you click Verify and Save, RedoxEngine will make a POST or a GET request to your Destination’s Redox API Endpoint in order to perform destination verification and verify the validity of the URL. Important Note: For a

Destination Questions and Answers

Destination FAQ How can my endpoint distinguish between a verification POST and a non-verification POST from Redox? Verification POSTs will include a challenge value and your destination’s verification token (that you specified when you set up the destination record) in the body of the

Using the Redox API with Postman

Step 1: Install Postman Postman is our favorite tool for testing our APIs. It can generate code samples for a large number of languages, so you can be up and running in seconds. We provide a collection of API samples that you

Community Created Tools

Developers using our API often create open source, standard mappings and other tools built to complement our platform. The Redox team does not formally vet these packages, but we do want to call attention to these and keep a compiled list here

Receive a Transmission with Dev Tools

Now that you have configured a Destination on Redox, you are able to receive test messages using our Dev Tools. The Redox Dev Tools will send an example message showing what data will look like when received from a Source. When logged

Send a Message With Dev Tools

After you have set up your Source you are now ready to send a message! All requests to the Redox API are POST requests to endpoints that live under To send data to Redox, POST to To query Redox for

Create a Source

In order to send data to another member of the Redox network, you will need to acquire an API Key and authenticate with us. We call this a Source record and it allows you to not only POST data to partners but