Author: Nick Hatt

Reliability of Fields

Redox connects to dozens of different of healthcare products. We use HL7 standards, vendor APIs, and even less formatted data like CSV to bring data onto the Redox network. Not all data is created equally. To help set expectations we came up

Redox SSO – Under The Hood

The Redox Single Sign-on data model abstracts away vendor SSO authentication strategies, such as the SAML Web Browser Profile and SMART on FHIR (beta). How Redox Sits in between you and SSO All single sign-on schemes hinge on validating that a user is who

Using the Redox API with Postman

Step 1: Install Postman Postman is our favorite tool for testing our APIs. It can generate code samples for a large number of languages, so you can be up and running in seconds. We provide a collection of API samples that you

Data Model Updates

One thing that sets the Redox API apart from APIs like HL7 FHIR is our ability to rapidly support newly emerging use cases and get them live in production quickly. As our data models evolve with new data points, our first focus