Author: Liza Gilhuly

Understanding the Redox ClinicalSummary Data Model

When do I need to use the ClinicalSummary data model? If your application is looking to receive a patient’s clinical information, either historical or in real time, then our ClinicalSummary data model is for you. This model is based on documents that

Community Created Tools

Developers using our API often create open source, standard mappings and other tools built to complement our platform. The Redox team does not formally vet these packages, but we do want to call attention to these and keep a compiled list here

DateTime Values and Time Zones

Our engine connects and enables communication between organizations across the world. With part of that communication containing information that’s linked to or dependent on time, it’s natural to wonder how we manage differences in time zones. This is something we had to

Security Overview

Keeping data secure is the highest priority at Redox. Here’s how we keep patient data safe through every step of integration. Securing the Engine Redox utilizes industry standard, HIPAA-compliant, and National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) recommended encryption standards to protect