Author: Liza Gilhuly

Understanding the Redox Flowsheet Data Model

When do I need to use the Flowsheet Data Model? The Redox Flowsheet data model is used to transmit discrete clinical data to or from an EHR, which can include: inpatient and outpatient assessment information, vitals, patient reported outcomes or questionnaires, and

Understanding the Redox Claim Data Model

When do I need to use the Claim Data Model? The Claim Data Model is used for transactions between a healthcare provider and an insurer detailing the services provided. Claims-related transactions between a payor and provider can include: pre-authorization for a patient, a

Understanding the Redox Financial Data Model

When do I need to use the Financial Data Model? The Financial Data Model is used for the provision of healthcare provider products for a certain patient, therefore referring not only to the product, but containing in addition details of the provision, like

Understanding the Redox ClinicalDecisions Data Model

When do I use the ClinicalDecisions Data Model? If your application is looking to deliver real-time, immediate clinical decision support (CDS) to providers, then the Redox ClinicalDecisions Data Model may be a good solution to leverage. There are a myriad of potential use

Understanding the Redox PatientSearch Data Model

When do I need to use the PatientSearch Data Model? Applications can leverage the PatientSearch Data Model (Not to be confused with Redox Patient Record Locator Service) when they have key patient inputs, such as demographic data or the patient’s Medical Record

General Data Model FAQs

Will the IDType for the patient identifier always be MR? Redox sample messages use MR as the value for Patient.Identifiers.IDType, but this is a value that is defined by the health system. MR should not be assumed or hardcoded as the expected

Understanding the Redox Media Data Model

When do I need to use the Media Data Model? The Media Data Model is used to exchange photos, videos, and audio recordings, as well as images/documents to and from a patient’s chart. Essentially, if an app wants to pass or receive

Understanding the Redox SurgicalScheduling Data Model

When do I need to use the SurgicalScheduling Data /model? The SurgicalScheduling Data Model is used to receive surgical case information, such as staff assigned to the surgery, case and procedure details, location, etc.  This may come from an OR specific system or

Understanding the Redox Scheduling Data Model

When do I need to use the Scheduling Data Model? Applications use the Scheduling Data Model to communicate information surrounding a patient’s appointments. At certain events in the normal scheduling process (scheduling, rescheduling, arrival/check-in, check-out), EHRs will send scheduling messages to keep

Understanding the Redox PatientAdmin Data Model

When do I need to use the PatientAdmin Data Model? The PatientAdmin Data Model is the most common feed used across Redox customers and is something we would recommend you require if you persist patient data in your application. Over 90% of our