Author: Liza Gilhuly

Your First Project

From a technical perspective, you will be ready for your first project when you’ve finished coding up to the Redox API using our available development and testing tools and have a clear understanding of your integrated data requirements and workflow, as outlined

Designing Your Integration Strategy

At Redox, we like to think of integrated workflows in three steps: Enrollment – the moment that you become aware that there is work to do and the information you collect and store at that point. This could be an action that

What is the Redox Platform?

Redox is an interoperability platform with the purpose of making healthcare data useful. Our goal is to enable the frictionless adoption of technology within the healthcare space by providing a standardized API and scalable integration infrastructure for healthcare products, devices, and software

Full Text Search

Intro Full text search is a tool that can be used to search for Messages or Transmissions that are associated with your organization. This feature is located under the ‘Full Text Search’ heading on the left hand menu. Only organization users with

Credential Management

As part of your connection management, the Redox dashboard is where any required credentials for your connections will be set up and maintained. The Redox team will configure the necessary credentials to authenticate with your connection partners, regardless of whether the required

Redox Alerting and Notifications

Redox is a full-service platform and all monitoring and resolution of connectivity issues is owned by the Redox support team. All levels of the Redox stack are continuously monitored. We use Pagerduty, along with backup services, to instantly notify our engineers. VPN

Understanding the Redox Medications Data Model

When do I need to use the Medications Data Model? Applications use the Medications Data model to receive real time updates about individual medications. This currently includes new medication orders, updates, cancellations, and administrations. What triggers are currently supported by the Medications

Understanding the Redox Provider Data Model

When do I need to use the Provider Data Model? The Redox Provider Data Model should be used if your application is looking to maintain a synchronized provider database with an EHR. Health systems that support this model generate messages when provider records

Understanding the Redox Results Data Model

When do I need to use the Results Data Model? The Redox Results Data Model is used to transmit discrete clinical data to or from an EHR. Typically this model is applicable in situations where an application is sending a one-off value, many

Understanding the Redox Device Data Model

When do I need to use the Device Data Model? The Redox Device Data Model is used to transmit discrete continuous physiological monitoring data to an EHR. The Device Data Model is useful for workflows where an EHR is maintaining the link from the device