Author: George McLaughlin

Quickstart Videos

We are working to create a valuable collection of quickstart videos that will make getting up to speed with Redox a breeze. Follow this link to view this collection and start learning!

Data Normalization and Standardization

After years of little regulation surrounding EHR data integration, a health system may send data to an integration partner using any number of methods, formats, and value sets. A big value our engine provides is standardizing the data we receive from EHR

ID Management

The Redox API makes ID management straightforward. Here’s a breakdown of a few different IDs you’ll be using and interacting with while using the Redox API. Source and Destination IDs Application developers can sometimes confuse the Source and Destination IDs of the


What is a Subscription? Before two organizations can exchange data over Redox they need to agree upon and sign off on exactly what information is authorized for exchange. Redox will then set up a Subscription between the organizations that allows them to